Believer’s Church – From Tech Disaster to Smooth Sailing with Managed Services

Believer’s Church, located in both Warren and Boardman, Ohio was faced with challenges that were beyond divine intervention. The faith-based community organization faced significant IT challenges that were beyond the capabilities and capacity of its one full-time IT resource. 

As a result, the organization was facing regular internet and phone outages along with poor-performing hardware and software services, slowing down everyone’s productivity. Believers hadn’t invested in extensive IT staff because, well they were focused on souls, not servers. To staff up to the level that would ensure efficiencies, the proper performance and bandwidth seemed out of reach, both practically and financially. 

Believers’ CFO, Tom Jochman, often found himself as the informal IT helpdesk for the myriad of technology snafus the organization faced every day. Believers wasn’t about to hire at the staff level needed to handle the day-to-day needs let alone come up with a plan for network stability that would mitigate outages. A church just couldn’t afford the depth and breadth of IT talent it needed.

Recognizing this, Jochman had heard about the financial feasibility of outsourcing IT with an IT managed services firm. He needed to get the day-to-day “helpdesk” needs handled as well as obtain the strategic leadership and vision for Believers’ growing IT needs. That’s where InfinIT came in.

InfinIT’s managed services offering would allow Believers to transition from a single, overworked, and under-skilled individual to a team of specialists, each with their area of expertise. InfinIT’s ability to offer specialized knowledge in various areas, such as networking, security, and infrastructure, was a key factor in Believers’ decision to switch.

Prayers… Answered! (Results)

InfinIT has been Believers’ IT team since 2020, and during the three-year partnership, infinIT has implemented significant improvements to the church’s IT environment, and with that, seen an upgrade in employee productivity and morale.

Changes have included server upgrades for better performance and security, establishing a failover network connection for continuity, and implemented Office 365 for easier collaboration. Additionally, infinIT has upgraded and migrated Believers’ mail server to the cloud, introduced VoIP phone systems for cost savings, bolstered network security, and created backup plans for disaster recovery. Continuous upgrades, implemented by infinIT have further optimized the church’s IT infrastructure.

All of these changes, enhancements, and productivity improvements were delivered to Believers at a fraction of the cost it would have to hire the internal IT team/resources that would have been needed to achieve the same in-house. Plus, Jochman was able to focus on his job rather than managing an IT team day in, and day out.

“I would estimate that what we accomplished with infinIT would have cost us 2-3 times as much if we had to do it on our own,” explains Jochman. “And the infinIT team is proactive in ensuring our IT systems are up, available, and secure.

Jochman and his InfinIT account manager, Mike Bonning, work together to set a budget and plan for future technology needs, eliminating the stress of reactive spending. Regular biweekly on-site visits from Mike, ensured clear communication, adequate project timelines, and swift resolution of any issues.

“The ability to have a larger team of expertise is worth it rather than one person trying to handle everything. Now I have experts in every area, from phone systems to security, email, or networking”, said Jochman. “InfinIT does a great job, bringing a full set of resources across the IT spectrum. Based on my experience infinIT has a ton of expertise with infrastructure, office products, and help desk. Our network is 1000% percent better than it was 4 years ago.”

Believer’s Church “believes” in the power of managed services. By making the switch from internal IT to InfinIT, they transformed their tech-challenged environment into a smooth-running hub of productivity and connectivity. If you’re looking for expert support, cost savings, and peace of mind, consider InfinIT as your partner in navigating the ever-evolving world of technology.

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