Protect Your IT Environment with infinIT’s ‘Critical Solutions Recommendation Report’

When’s the last time you took the time and effort to examine and audit your organization’s IT/tech environment? Have you assessed and do you understand your risks of intrusion, single-points-of-failure, and areas ripe to cause business interruption?

If you’re like most organizations, you don’t have the time or even ‘the will’ let alone the tools and skills necessary to identify any or all potential issues. You know they exist but bringing them to the forefront isn’t especially helpful considering your own team’s time to address/fix issues.

That’s where infinIT can help. We offer a thorough and cost-effective assessment.  We can help you identify vulnerabilities and implement steps to mitigate them.

In all, we examine more than two-dozen separate key network items, ultimately to keep your business running and your data safe & secure. These items include:

  • Domain Controllers       
  • FSMO Roles      
  • Organization Units and Security Groups
  • Individual User Analysis               
  • Open Ports
  • Servers
  • Shares and Permissions               
  • Applications & Versions
  • Domain Controller Events
  • Web Servers      
  • Network Devices
  • Internet Access and Speed Test               
  • Domain Name Analysis                
  • Dark Web Scan
  • Missing Updates              
  • Event Log Analysis          
  • External Security Vulnerabilities             

We report findings through the lens of cyber risk, aggregating risk analysis from multiple assessments performed on the network, providing you with both a Consolidated Risk Score and a high-level overview of the health and security of the network. Included are details of the tasks undertaken to discover your IT environment’s security concerns.  We then weigh and score your risk and most importantly, provide a Critical Solutions Recommendation Report.

This service is available for only $499 from Northeast Ohio’s leading IT support firm, infinIT. It includes a recommended path forward guided by risk assessment as well as hardware life expectancy. Should you move forward with infinIT to implement any or all of our recommendations, your initial investment will be credited towards our work.

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