Let’s face it, when it comes to Voice and Internet service, as long as it’s working everyone is happy. At infinIT, we understand this which is why we work hard to not only keep your services running 24×7 but also offer superior support when you’re experiencing a problem. InfinIT can provide your organization with the technology foundation, and the infrastructure to succeed and thrive in today’s business environment.  Telephone, internet, and SD-WAN services from infinIT provide reliable, always up, and robust connections.  

InfinIT Internet 


InfinIT internet is for businesses who:

  • Have mission-critical applications residing in the cloud.
  • Are experiencing sluggish internet speeds.
  • Have moved to VoIP or are considering moving to VoIP.
  • Need guaranteed quality of service on VoIP calls.
  • Have virtualized servers or desktops.
  • Require a secondary/failover link for disaster recovery.
  • Have multiple locations which need to be connected.

InfinIT Business Telephone

InfinIT Voice Business Communication is uniquely reliable and high quality, delivered over our own IP network. Hosted PBX (infinIT Voice) and SIP Trunking services aren’t being resold through a third-party provider. Unlike other Voice over IP carriers, infinIT Voice can guarantee call quality on your VoIP calls by delivering dedicated internet/data circuits directly to your offices, allowing you to consolidate and optimize voice and data traffic. Using infinIT for internet and WAN solutions eliminates the need to maintain separate voice and data network, saving your organization time and money.

InfinIT Voice includes:

  • Univoice Hosted PBX Business Communication
  • SIP Trunking
  • Disaster Recovery for Voice
  • Hybrid Hosting for IP Phone Systems
  • Cloud Phone System

InfinIT Voice removes the worry of managing your business phone system in-house and reduces monthly costs by offering unlimited or custom calling plans.

Why Voice & Internet?

InfinIT Voice removes the worry of managing your business phone system in-house and reduces monthly costs by offering unlimited or custom calling plans.
As more business applications and services move to the cloud, internet access has now become mission critical. What makes infinIT Internet unique is its ability to not only provide highly reliable, dedicated circuits, but also directly connect customers to infinIT’s private IP network. The infinIT network is multi-homed; utilizing multiple upstream carriers. These carriers offer multiple routes to the internet, while at the same time providing redundancy (BGP) in the event of a single carrier disruption.

InfinIT Internet customers have multiple options from which to choose for their access, including:

  • Cable
  • T1/T3
  • Metro Ethernet
  • infinIT Ethernet Plus+

Want infinIT to manage all of your essential IT functions, so you can put your IT budget to better use? Click here to find out more about our infinIT Care program.

SD-WAN: Always Available Internet

Unlock the full potential of your network with our cutting-edge SD-WAN services. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional networking and embrace a solution that brings agility, efficiency, and superior performance to your business operations. Our SD-WAN services provide a seamless and secure way to connect your distributed enterprise, ensuring optimal connectivity across various locations. Experience unparalleled flexibility as our solution intelligently adapts to network conditions, optimizing traffic flow and enhancing application performance. With centralized management and real-time visibility, you can effortlessly monitor and control your network, allowing for quick adjustments and minimizing downtime. Elevate your business connectivity with our SD-WAN services and witness the transformation of your network into a dynamic, responsive, and resilient infrastructure.

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