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Proprietary Data Center

Owned and operated fully by InfinIT, the N+1, Tier 3 data center in downtown Cleveland provides you and your organization with a myriad of benefits, including colocation, business continuity, and high-performing cloud services. We don’t have systemwide failures thanks to the data center featuring the following redundancies:

  • Fiber backbone from 5 different internet carriers
  • Separate, redundant power feeds
  • Inline diesel generator
  • InfinIT owned ASN Internet POP
  • Numerous cloud-based phone systems are housed within our data center


Empower your infrastructure with InfinIT Colocation. We offer predictability and reliability, safeguarding critical workloads to streamline business operations 24/7/365. When you colocate at our data center, you connect your business to so much more.

Our Data Center is:

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