Is the Deck Stacked Against You?

Is the Deck stacked against you?

Judging by the popularity of casinos at least a few of us have gone in with a couple hundred dollars hoping to leave with some of “the House’s Money”!! Have you left broke and feeling like the “slots were too tight” or that dealer change of shift sucked all the money away you had won? I hate it when it feels like the deck is stacked against you!

How are these for scary numbers:

  • The average ransom is just over $84,000.00
  • The average length of time it takes to recover from a ransomware attack is 16.2 days
  • Phishing attacks are up 600+% in recent weeks

You may be able to tell I’m not talking about the casino, but rather cyber security and the effect attacks can have on you and your business!

Here is a brief list of the most common attacks circulating right now:

  • Business Email Compromise – where hackers get admin access to you email server or service
  • Crypto-Jacking – where hackers use your computer’s resources to mine for cryptocurrency
  • Phishing – where hackers attempt to trick you into following a link or opening a malicious file
  • Ransomware – where your computer or company’s files are encrypted to extort money from you
  • There are other scams out there so make sure you are using every advantage.

As you can see the stakes are extremely high and you can’t afford to concede any ground to the groups behind these attacks. Yes, there are organized groups behind most phishing campaigns and malicious software. Modern hacking involves sophisticated and organized groups that operate much like a corporation. They post jobs, have their own newsletters, and operate their own marketplaces.

You must deploy a layered approach to security. Anti-virus isn’t enough. A single firewall isn’t going to keep those with malicious intent away from your data. The reason why a door protected with a deadbolt and a lock are more secure than a simple lock is simple, two locks are better than one.

If you feel like the deck is stacked against you there are some things you can do today to turn the tide in your favor.

  • Security Awareness Training – teach your employees what to look for and what to avoid
  • Next Ani-Virus with Managed Detection and Response – Protect your data with Artificial Intelligent software and  a team of security professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Spam Filtering – filter out most malicious emails before they ever reach your employee’s inbox
  • Back Up your data!-with employees outside of the office walls you will want a plan to back up at different levels (desktop and server) so you can recover from an attack.

These are just some of the options available  to fight back. To see a more comprehensive list of tools and resources, visit our website –

You can also email us at or call us 216-619-2000 opt 3

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