Disaster Recovery Review

As employees and businesses settle into their work from home reality, it is becoming apparent that existing policies and procedures were geared toward the main office. The long-standing attitude has been that these policies extended to the remote worker, since remote work was often one or two days a week.

Remote employees are now the norm, not the exception. It would be easy to become complacent and wait for workers to return to the office. The harsh reality is, we don’t know when this will occur. It could be 30 days, or it could be a few more months.

How long can your business afford to wait, before it reviews its policies and procedures…there’s a lot at stake!

Most businesses are like an orchestra but with several out of tune instruments. Data security and data backup solutions never focused on remote employees, and were in large part an afterthought.

It is becoming apparent that the traditional corporate office policies and the home office, aren’t in harmony with one another. Your employees will notice that remote VPN access isn’t as responsive as accessing files locally.  Their browser extensions may block access to certain websites or affect performance, or they may stumble upon ransomware.

Your IT department will cringe when they realize that files saved or copied to personal devices, are not as secure as the computers at the home office.

In the physical world, we are practicing social distancing. However, in the virtual world, the opposite is true. Corporate data, and personal data are colliding, despite the pleas from IT.

While N2Net can’t make your employees uninstall Clash of Clans or prevent your employees from working in their pajamas.

We can help you protect your data, speed up your internet, and recommend policy changes to incorporate your work at home environments.

N2Net is offering a free Disaster Recovery Policy Review. Simply call 216-619-2000 and choose opt 3, to get access to our 25 years of expertise, and our team of engineers.

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