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And while we’re welcoming you, welcome to infinIT, the culmination of 2021’s merge of Micro Doctor IT and N2Net. The businesses combined forces to capitalize on each other’s strengths – delivering expertise and capabilities previously unavailable from a single source.

InfinIT is the premiere IT solutions provider located in Northeast Ohio that provides outsourced IT management and support, cloud, and business phone services. We directly employ a wide variety of experts across all IT disciplines rather than relying on independent consultants to create the illusion of broad expertise. We are here to be your on-demand IT team, to be utilized, expanded, or contracted with your changing needs.

In a world where there’s no shortage of IT solutions firms, InfinIT stands out. We’re a managed services firm that actually owns its own infrastructure. We operate a fully functional, N+1 data center in Cleveland to provide our customers with a single source for all your IT needs, both personnel and infrastructure. InfinIT’s cybersecurity expertise protects both the infrastructure and our customers data.

InfinIT brings together the expertise of N2Net, an engineering company at its core offering cloud, phone, network, and data center services to align with Micro Doctor and its management and support proficiency. Both organizations have more than 30 years with demonstrable track records ensuring that InfinIT’s IT prowess will bring your organization the best solutions to keep your business running, safely and securely.

Bringing these two industry leaders together provides our clients with more frontline resources, more expertise in IT infrastructure as well as managed services, and access to a broader set of products and services.

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