Transforming Northeast Ohio’s IT Landscape: The Journey of Micro Doctor and N2Net to Become InfinIT in 2024

For more than thirty years, Micro Doctor IT and N2Net have been providing businesses in Northeast Ohio with IT support, from helpdesk to strategy, from desktops to servers to the cloud. In short, taking care of the technology infrastructure required to run a business, keeping business operations safe, secure, and competitive in today’s global economy. 

Micro Doctor IT’s most pressing need entering last year was to finalize the operational 2021 merger with Cleveland’s N2Net and consolidate into one brand by year’s end.

Together, the companies offered every conceivable IT business service including managed services and even a proprietary data center. Combining our expertise provides unparalleled IT services and a proven track record dating back to Micro Doctor IT’s 1989 founding.

Micro Doctor IT (and N2Net) relaunched as infinIT.

Offering unlimited business technologies, infinIT offers technology expertise to keep our clients efficient, productive, and always running. Our clients depend on our skills and expertise at a fair price to maintain and grow their organizations.

Organizations like Youngstown YMCA and Believers’ Church have depended on the infinIT team to lead their IT strategies and man their helpdesk for years. Both organizations started in the Mahoning Valley with little to no professional IT support. InfinIT has been able to assist each by improving their IT operations through innovative strategies and implementations. We don’t just become another vendor to a business, we become an IT partner that acts as and for the company.

2023 Challenges

While we weren’t immune from the challenges of 2023, the technology sector was especially plagued by supply-chain delays and shortages. The computer and network infrastructure hardware needed to keep clients running as efficiently as possible and ahead of security threats needed to be obtained in bulk versus our traditional “Just-In-Time” purchasing. Thankfully technology shortages were less and less an issue as we approached 2024.

Additionally, while we recognized a big talent shortage as our clients look to hire, we offer a culture and compensation that tends to retain our team, averaging 7 years in the organization.

Finally, while inflation impacted our costs, we tried to absorb what we could but did need to increase prices slightly, with great optimism that inflation has leveled.

To infinIT… and Beyond in 2024!

InfinIT is the premiere IT solutions provider located in Northeast Ohio that provides outsourced IT management and support, cloud, and business phone services. We directly employ a wide variety of experts across all IT disciplines rather than relying on independent consultants to create the illusion of broad expertise. We are here to be your on-demand IT team, to be utilized, expanded, or contracted with your changing needs.

In a world where there’s no shortage of IT solutions firms, InfinIT stands out. We’re a managed services firm that actually owns its own infrastructure. We operate a fully functional data center in Cleveland to provide our customers with a single source for comprehensive IT needs, both personnel and infrastructure.

We’re excited about infinIT and providing even better service to our customers. In fact, we’ve recently improved our processes to streamline and improve service delivery. Changes have improved our service levels, increased customer satisfaction scores, and improved service efficiencies. InfinIT provides organizations with everything needed to stay safe, secure, and running as efficiently as possible.

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