Don’t let your guard down.

A day that will live in infamy.

“January 21st” (2019) he said. “ I couldn’t believe it! I come in from a great weekend spent watching playoff football, get in the office at 8am, and ALL of my sites (3 plants in Lorain County, Ohio and one in North Carolina) are locked down with RANSOMWARE!!”

This is a real conversation with one of our longtime customers, Fortunately he is a professional IT director and had backups in the cloud. Even with all of that it still took over a week to get the systems restored and back online! He had to make two trips to North Carolina because their internet was so slow that it was actually faster to drive to NC, pick up the servers, bring them back to his office in Lorain, download and install the images, and drive them back to NC!!

The point… even if you do have backups in the cloud, they’re big and can take days to pull down and restore your systems!

This week at N2Net we have been sharing our thoughts on the actions your business should be taking to keep your data protected and secure. We want to see your business thrive, even while social distancing.

In a previous blog post we discussed the possibility that your employees are leaking data. Our customer had his problem before our current situation, but it’s more probable now! Ransomware attacks are up over 600% since we began our lock downs!

Today we want to talk about the ramifications of ransomware. Just the word ransomware is enough to get your pulse racing. When you combine work from home (WFH), personal devices and weak security and a breach or compromise seems inevitable.

What’s the worst that could happen? 

  •  Your data with PCI, HIPPA or PII data is stolen from an unprotected employee computer because they downloaded a work file to speed up the process. This data is listed for sale on the “Dark Web” (Remember Target, Experian, Capital One?), the FBI investigates and your name is made public destroying your business and putting you in line for a $250,000 fine for each name  listed… you have how many names in your database? 
  • A close second might be that same file on your WFH employee’s computer for multiple days, with hundreds of changes, not backed up, and then having ransomware encrypt everything on the computer! 

The longer this work from home environment drags on, the greater the risk of data corruption, data compromise and ransomware grows.

N2Net would like to review your current disaster recovery plan and make recommendations to help you secure your data. We want to offer you access to our engineers and our 25 years of expertise.

Simply call 216-619-2000 opt3, or email to schedule your Free Disaster Recovery Review Today!

We created a free Work From Home (WFH) Kit to assist you. Check it out here.

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